Meet the Gem X Core

The Gem X Core is the heart of our club. They, curate, plan and lead our jewelry experiences. They are also Gem X ambassadors and help in vetting new members.  Learn more about them below.


Lin Jamison

Founder of Gem X, Bespoke Jewelry Maker, Avid Collector
Born in Shanghai, Based in NYC
Gemstones of Choice: Pink stones of all types (diamonds, sapphires, morganite, rose quartz), jade, anything that changes colors
Favorite Jewels to Wear: Wedding rings, statement earrings (I love color), beaded kiddie creations
Dream Jewels: VCA Zipper Necklace - the ultimate in convertible jewels, Hemmerle iron & diamond bangle, JAR thread ring, Taffin ceramic jewels
Jewelry Heaven: Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Place Vendôme, the Tucson Gem Show, all things Gem X


Heidi Garnett

Co-founder of Gem X, WSJ Jewelry Contributor, Dabbler in All Things Gems
Origins: Born in Philadelphia, Based in NYC & London
Gemstones of Choice: Tourmaline, lapis, emerald trapiches
Favorite Jewels to Wear: Engagement ring, silver link ring (that hasn't left my finger since I was 13) and dangly earrings (the longer the better)
Dream Jewels: Vintage Bvlgari Serpenti watch, emerald trapiche earrings (once I'm done making them)
Jewelry Heaven: V&A Museum, crown jewels (everywhere), gem shows


Amy Ainscough

Gemologist, Stone cutter and Jewellery Magpie
Origins: Born in Stockton, California based in Northwest England for 18 years.
Gemstones of Choice: Trapiche Emeralds, Fire opals, green diamonds and any stone that fluoresces.
Favorite Jewels to Wear: Wedding band and engagement ring, watch, diamond studs, statement rings and mismatched bracelets.
Dream Jewels: Convertible gem masterpiece, a titanium brooches and glittering diamond bracelets.
Jewelry Heaven: Trays of loose stones, Gem Fairs, Museum collections and discovering new artists.


Gislain Aucremanne

Art Historian, Heritage Curator/Director at BVLGARI
Origins: Born in Paris, frequently traveling and living in Rome.
Gemstones of Choice: I love the powerful colors of Colombian emeralds and Australian opals, but I also enjoy all gemstones with a great historical provenance
Favorite Jewels to Wear: Bulgari vintage jewelry, antique cameos and intaglios, a micromosaic piece… in a word, I love jewels which are fragments of history.
Dream Jewels: A different ring every day, changing according to my mood or the research of the day. A nice brooch or tiepin on the lapel for evening events!
Jewelry Heaven: Discovering fabulous jewels in museums or private collections, like the Jewelry's Gallery of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs (Paris), the Ancient Etruscans and Castellani jewels in Villa Giulia (Rome) or all exhibitions connecting jewelry to Art History.


Stephanie Carendi

Gem X Core, Wearable Sculpture Sculptor
Origins: Born in Mexico City, raised in Bogota and Stockholm. Presently based in NYC
Gemstones of Choice: Any gems that inspire
Favorite Jewels to Wear: Prototypes I am working on. Giant Cano earrings
Dream Jewels: An early Dali piece, Lalique snake brooch, quivering Reza Cascade earrings
Jewelry Heaven: A jewelry bench, with time, & a new sketchbook plus a fresh block of wax


Christine Cheng

Gallery Director at Simon Teakle Fine Jewelry
Origins: Born in Chicago, Based in NYC & Greenwich
Gemstones of Choice: Golconda diamonds, natural pearls, antique paste
Favorite Jewels to Wear: TIARAS!
Dream Jewels: Those yet to be come (in discovery or creation)
Jewelry Heaven: Albion Art Institute


Tefkros Christou

Brand Communications and Heritage Manager at Hemmerle
Origins: Born in Cyprus, based in London
Gemstones of Choice: Cabochon sapphires, blue spinels, cushion/ old-mine diamonds
Favorite Jewels to Wear: Two stacked rings that are almost never taken off, one with a baguette diamond set East-West.
Dream Jewels: Sterlé diamond brooch, a Mughal carved emerald, Hemmerle sapphire and aluminium cufflinks, a Boivin articulated brooch preferably with coloured stones and finally a Hellenistic period gold diadem/ laurel wreath (not to be worn but exhibited)
Jewelry Heaven: Discovering and handling unique jewels from around the world made throughout history from antiquity to contemporary creations by living jewellers. The Schatzkammer (Treasury) at the Munich Residenz housing the incredible Bavarian royal collection and the Victoria and Albert Museum’s jewellery gallery.

Gem X Core member Sarah Davis

Sarah Davis

Jewelry Historian, Author and Consultant for Fine Jewelry
Origins: Born in Massachusetts, lived in NYC, now mostly in The Berkshires
Gemstones of Choice: I love old rose-cut diamonds. I am drawn to things that are more unexpected or understated, like a lapis lazuli, rather than a large faceted stone.
Favorite Jewels to Wear: I have an Art Deco wedding ring that I picked out before I knew anything about jewelry, and my husband is a metalsmith and he made the matching band. I also have a number of rings that he made in rotation. I wear an Edwardian long guard chain and Sassanian seal ring. And I have a beautiful pair of Aldo Cipullo for Cartier clip earrings that are perfection.
Dream Jewels: So many to choose from. I love great Art Deco Cartier and Suzanne Belperron for their knock-out quality. I am drawn to Aldo Cipullo and Angela Cummings from the 1970s and 1980s for their color and wearability. Today I love the jewelry of goldsmith Loren Nicole who hand makes fantastic 22-karat gold jewelry inspired by historical sources.   
Jewelry Heaven: I’m living it. I really could not have dreamed I would end up working with such wonderful jewelry every day.


Andrey Furmanovich

US Brand Director, Silvia Furmanovich
Born in São Paulo, Brazil. Based in New York City, a place which will forever have my heart!
Gemstones of Choice: Pearls, peridot, pink tourmalines, polki diamonds, and old mine cut diamonds
Favorite Jewels to Wear: Lalaounis snake bracelet, a Munnu Gem Palace moonstone frog bracelet, carnelian and lapis lazuli beads, rudraksha seed prayer bead mala necklace to hold and carry throughout the day
Dream Jewels: Every scarab beetle ever made in Ancient Egyptian, geometric yellow gold earrings from Tamil Nadu (India) and most recently silver pieces from the Berbers (Island of Djerba, Tunisia) and 19th Century silver jewelry from Bukhara (Uzbekistan), especially when mixed with carnelian and turquoise. On my wish list: a Mikimoto black pearl bracelet.
Jewelry Heaven:The Al Thani jewelry collection at the Hôtel de la Marine and the selection at the Musée des Arts Decoratifs in Paris. And every Gem X event!


Joanna Gong

GIA GG, USPAP appraiser, auction specialist and collector.
Born in Seattle, repackaged in Beijing, bopped around a dozen countries before landing roots in NYC!
Gemstones of Choice: Wonky old mine diamonds, pastel spinels, moonstones, juicy jadeite of all colors
Favorite Jewels to Wear: Big statement earrings, Victorian crescent necklace, a different stack of 3-5 different rings on any given day.
Dream Jewels: Maharaja of Indore's Chaumet pear-shaped diamonds, Boucheron deco necklace scarf (the one in platinum and diamonds with buff-top ruby roses encrusted throughout...)
Jewelry Heaven:To have people share with me the jewel they value the most, and not just their most valuable jewel.

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Levi Higgs

Decorative Arts and Jewelry Historian, Head of Archives and Brand Heritage at David Webb
Origins: Originally from Wyoming, studied in Seattle, and NYC resident
Gemstones of Choice: I love Kunzite because of its history, but also star sapphires
Favorite Jewels to Wear: I wear a David Webb twisted nail cuff every day, and for special occasions I will wear a small brooch on my lapel
Dream Jewels: A single powerful ring, or a micromosaic brooch from Castellani
Jewelry Heaven: Any time I get to be alone with something significant, or hold it in my hands. There’s immense trust that is required in the jewelry world to be able to handle significant things, so it’s always an honor when it happens


Ilias Kapsalis

Jeweller at Bentley & Skinner
Origins: Born and raised in Greece, based in London.
Gemstones of Choice: Sapphires, old-cut diamonds and natural pearls
Favorite Jewels to Wear: I wear daily two sapphire and gold gypsy rings made by Bentley & Skinner, as well as a pair of Art-Moderne silver and gold torpedo-shaped cufflinks.
Dream Jewels: An Art-Deco Tutti-Frutti Jabot-pin for my lapel.
Jewelry Heaven: The Crown Jewels, in the Tower if London, the Hull Grundy collection at the British Museum and the jewellery collection at V&A.


Inesa Kovalova

Jewellery designer (and more)
Origins: Born in Ukraine, based in The Netherlands.
Gemstones of Choice: Archer and baguette cuts of many gems, cabochon moonstones and rutilated quartz, lapis lazuli.
Favorite Jewels to Wear: Statement lightweight earrings
Dream Jewels: A pair of Belperron cuff bracelets
Jewelry Heaven: 1925 Paris Arts Décoratifs Exhibition. I wish I were there! Love studying the archives and love contemporary interpretations of the crafts.


Amanda Megibow

Jewelry designer, goldsmith, enamelist, model maker
Born in Manhattan, Based in NYC
Gemstones of Choice: Sapphires of all colors, kunzite, and old mine cut diamonds.
Favorite Jewels to Wear: I love to mix pieces I've made with vintage jewels I've collected...especially Van Cleef and Bulgari. Also, I'm obsessed with all types of pearls.
Dream Jewels: Since I'm an enamelist and goldsmith, any pieces from Lalique (anything from the Gulbenkian!), Wolfers, and Fouquet.
Jewelry Heaven: Visiting the V&A jewelry collection, attending any jewelry related exhibit or lecture (ancient, contemporary, and everything in between), picking through jewelry at antique shows.


Julie Poll

Gem X Core, Graduate Gemologist 
Origins: Los Angeles
Gemstones of Choice: Phenomenal colored stones, chunky old cut diamonds
Favorite Jewels to Wear: Leen Heyne woven band, alexandrite engagement ring, extra long Gay Freres curb chain, coral & rock crystal Art Deco earrings
Dream Jewels: The JAR Leek/Orange Peel brooches, any Theodoros earrings, Lacloche Freres petit point bracelet
Jewelry Heaven: Museum/jewelry archives and what I can only imagine is JAR's design sanctum


Aline Shapiro

Gem X Core, Jewelry Maker, Designer, Collector and Enthusiast
Origins: Born in New Jersey, then lived in San Francisco before making NYC my home
Gemstones of Choice: Big blue grey diamonds…. Opals, moonstone, stones with fire and strong energy. Unusually shaped stones
Favorite Jewels to Wear: Bold statement jewels, anything I have made and vintage jewelry.
Dream Jewels: Every jewel seems to be my dream jewel….
Jewelry Heaven: Spending time traveling around the world to meet and work with local jewelry artisans and learn their techniques. While there connecting with local antique stores, gem dealers to collect pieces along the way.

841 Large Pot Earrings, 842 Italian Pot Ring, green_2

Cora Sheibani

Owner of an eponymous jewellery business, aspiring jewellery historian
Swiss, based in London for 20 years.
Gemstones of Choice: Selix jasper, light brown diamonds, bicoloured tourmalines, and maw sit sit jade.
Favorite Jewels to Wear: My own of course, which is why I decided to start designing!
Dream Jewels: Pink diamond suite of August the Strong (even if it's meant for a man) which includes buttons, a medal, and a sword hilt, and Raymond Templier suite in silver with lines of diamonds circa 1940.
Jewelry Heaven: Met, MAD, V&A, Getty Villa and a good jewellery library.


Joanna Wheeler

High Jewelry Marketing Manager at Van Cleef & Arpels
Brooklyn, New York
Gemstones of Choice: Emerald, Citrine, Malachite, Padparascha Sapphire, Old Mine-Cut Diamonds, Step-Cut colored diamonds, Opals.
Favorite Jewels to Wear: A ring on (almost every) finger. My deco-inspired engagement ring, my grandmother’s emerald-cut citrine and diamond ring, layered with her green enamel bands, my mother's gold and diamond pinky-rings, my Loren Nicole pink quartz bead earrings. More is more!
Dream Jewels:Van Cleef & Arpels exquisite diamond creations for Princess Fawzia of Egypt and Queen Nazli, on the occasion of the bride’s wedding in 1939 (which I had the pleasure of working with, when it sold at Sothebys in 2015); Mystery-set emerald Van Cleef & Arpels creations, Cartier Ruby & Pearl Bib made for the Maharaja of Patiala, 1931; Any Belperron cuff made during her lifetime; Bulgari Triple Row Tubogas 'Monete' Choker, large Girandole earrings, Edwardian and Georgian citrine riveries.
Jewelry Heaven: Van Cleef & Arpels Archives, Belperron Archives, FD Gallery, Old Auction Catalogues, Musée des Arts Décoratifs, shopping for jewelry with my mentor and dear friend, Frank Everett.


Yeena Yoon

I am a jewelllery designer and maker and my practice is called Yeena Yoon Studio.
Born in Seoul Korea, based in London.
Gemstones of Choice: My default is jade and pearls. I also love any semi-precious gems that are unusual and inspires me. I recently fell in love with Mexican fire opal.
Favorite Jewels to Wear: I love wearing sculptural earrings and statement rings.
Dream Jewels: Rene Boivin, Jean Vandome, Giovanni Corvaja jewelleries. Interchangeable period and vintage jewelleries; I love the intricate interchangeable jewel from Marcus&Co which are so cleverly made.
Jewelry Heaven:V&A Museum, Met Museum, Tucson Gem Show(would love to visit one day), jewellery related exhibitions and lectures.

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2. APPLICABILITY: These Terms and Conditions govern and apply to a one year membership in the Gem X Core Collection Program. Customer agrees that by accepting these Terms and Conditions, Gem X is authorized to charge Customer’s credit Card on file the full price of a one year membership. Customer further agrees that by accepting these Terms and Conditions, Customer’s membership in the Gem X Core Collection program will automatically renew one year from the expiration of the term of membership, and Customer’s credit card will be charged for each annual membership renewal. Customer acknowledges that should Customer seek to cancel Customer’s membership at any time during each one year membership term, Customer will not be entitled to any refund for any portion of the one year membership term prior to which the Customer cancelled membership. Customer agrees that Customer may only avoid an automatic membership renewal (and corresponding credit card charge) by canceling Customer’s membership in writing via email to at least 24 hours prior to the expiration of the term of Customer’s one year Gem X Core Collection Program membership. Nothing herein shall be construed as implying any obligation on Gem X’s part to continue or cancel Customer’s membership at any time. Gem X reserves the right to cancel Customer’s membership in the Gem X Core Collection Program, and further reserves the right to decline to renew Customer’s membership in the Gem X Core Collection Program, for any reason including but not limited to a violation of any of these Terms and Conditions.

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5. INSPECTION: Customer acknowledges that Customer has inspected the Jewelry upon taking possession thereof, finds it in good and undamaged condition, with no damaged or missing stones or components, and finds it suitable for Customer’s needs. To the extent that Customer finds the Jewelry to have any damage, or damaged or missing stones or components whatsoever upon receipt of the Jewelry, Customer shall promptly notify Gem X of any damage to the Jewelry, or damaged or missing stones or components, within one (1) business day of receipt. Notice shall be provided to Customer via email, and shall include photographs of any damage to the Jewelry, and/or damaged or missing stones or components. Customer further acknowledges and agrees that should Customer fail to notify Gem X of any damage to the Jewelry, or damaged or missing stones or components, within one (1) business day of receipt of the Jewelry: (a) Customer waives any claim that the Jewelry arrived with any damage whatsoever; (b) Customer will be responsible for reimbursing Gem X for any damage to the Jewelry, or damaged or missing stones or components, as further described in paragraph 5.

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