The mission of Gem X is to seek the jewelry ‘x factor’
the magic of jewelry that comes from experiencing, storytelling and sharing.

Gem X is a private social club for jewelry enthusiasts. It was founded in New York City in 2017, and has expanded to become a global community of friends, mentors and collaborators. Gem X started from a desire to experience and understand the stories behind the jewels. While working on their gemology degrees at GIA, Lin Jamison and Heidi Garnett followed their passion beyond the classroom. They found few events geared towards young connoisseurs, so they began planning their own jewelry adventures. 

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Like many things, jewelry is better, together.

Since our founding, Gem X has grown.  With a wide network ranging from designers, gemologists, curators, art historians and collectors, our members share in expert jewelry knowledge and behind-the-scenes experiences.  Much of our content is curated by the Gem X Core, as well as many of our past events, described here.  We look for members who show a genuine interest in learning more and a desire to share their jewelry perspective with others.  To apply for membership, please fill out our application form. If you have a reference from a current member, please include it.

To collaborate on an event, contact us please.  Thank you.

Our logo is an X through a gem, and also a symbol of ‘better, together.’  It is a collection of smaller diamonds coming together to form a greater whole.

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