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This month in NYC, the Bard Graduate Center hosted members with a private after-hours tour of the Sonia Delaunay: Living Art exhibition, followed by an intimate presentation by contemporary jeweler Kia Schwan, with emphasis on Delaunay’s influence. Members made their way to New Jersey for a day trip to the NMOA for a tour of their impressive jewelry collection and learn the secrets and stories behind key pieces. In the private jewelry salon at Bergdorf Goodman, members were enchanted with the joyful gems of Gyan. Inspired by the hues of Jaipur, we were delighted to talk with Akhil and Nikhil Dhaddha about the history and influences of their house. We tried on one-of-a-kind jewels of delicate latticework bracelets, transformational emerald choker to bracelet, and a show stopping 120 carat Rubellite Necklace. It was an enchanting experience to see some of the rich family legacy on display.

Gem X London had a spellbinding gem encounter earlier hosted by jeweller, gemologist and gem-matching expert Doris Hangartner. The Zurich-based jeweller in her own right, is gifted with a rare intuition and connection with gemstones, allowing her to connect individuals with stones that resonate with their individual essence. The Victoria and Albert Museum hosted members met with master gem carver Charlotte de Syllas and Clare Phillips, V&A Curator of the Department of Decorative Art and Sculpture, to see Charlotte’s masterpiece, the Magpie Necklace. Members were then treated to an afternoon backstage, for a hands-on presentation of her working models and materials. Members gathered for an intimate coffee morning to see the bold and beautiful jewels of Silvia Furmanovich alongside Mr. Lieou at the Louisa Guinness gallery. Treasure House was certainly a treasure trove as period and antique specialists presented a dazzling array of collections from the 17th and 18th century alongside Art Deco, mid-century and contemporary jewels. From Greens of Cheltenham, Wartski, A la Vieille Russie to Sandra Cronan and SJ Phillips, it was a feast for the senses and soul.

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We’re excited to announce that Sigrid van Roode is our
2024 Gem X Scholarship & Grant recipient!  

Sigrid is an Ethnic & Archaeological Jewellery Researcher and PhD-candidate looking to publish her thesis on the history of illiterate women in Egypt who spoke through their jewelry. Core member Steph Carendi eloquently summed up Sigrid: “As an archeologist focusing on a particular vein of ritual jewelry pieces in Egypt, she has found an absolutely fascinating group of overlooked objects. These tell not only the story of the women who wore and used them in Egypt but also of the black roots of the tradition borne on the diaspora. It is really a story about women. Sigrid is not only an academic but a fantastic storyteller. Sigrid reflects much of what we love about Gem X: community, learning, openness, storytelling, uncovering. As a long-time member, she has a strong understanding of the Gem X community, we feel the award would definitely have an impact, and we strongly believe she would contribute in turn to our community.”

Watch the video to learn more about Sigrid and see below for updates from a few of our previous scholars.


“I’ve been continuing my engraving study, and will be launching some new pieces using engraving techniques at Goldsmiths Fair Week 1, this September. Having the grant has really kickstarted the integration of engraving in my work – can’t wait to share more!”

– Ellis Mhairi Cameron | 2023 Scholar 

Featured in the Financial Times A Ring to Propose to Him

“I have an exciting news to share that few designs of my earrings will be featured in the upcoming book, New Earrings: 500+ Contemporary Jewellery Designs by Nicolas Estrada and published by Hoakibooks. The book will be available in Spanish and US bookstores at the end of August; in mid-September in European bookstores and, in mid-November in Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Latin America.”

– Yeena Yoon | 2022 Scholar 

Women of Jewelry
by Linda Kozloff-Turner

“I literally woke up one morning in 2016, and I the only woman going through what I was experiencing? I am a jewelry designer going on 50 years in the industry. The short answer is ‘no’. I set out to interview 100 women around the world to hear and understand what their experiences were. Little could have prepared me for what I was about to hear. As I am establishing an exhibit to go with the book, I selected a diverse scope of designers currently working today. I was committed to represent a spectrum of style, age, and culture. 

I was told I could not do this project, the scope was too big. I was told I could not self-publish and succeed. None of those beliefs turned out to be true. This is a completely written and finely designed, fine art quality 2 volume set of books that describe what each woman’s words of wisdom are in regards to their working experience within the jewelry industry.

To date, this book has been acquired by the Rhode Island School of Design, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Puerto Rico, the American Lebanese University, the Heard Museum, and now the Library of Congress. We sold out of the first run and are now pre-selling and producing our second run and will be delivering sometime in June or July. I did want you to know that we offer affiliate partnerships through our Shopify site, and if GemX is interested any sales would bring a 10% commission on every book. I have also established a grant based on book sales for the Women’s Jewelry Association, the Gemological Institute of America, and the Fashion Institute of Technology.”

-Linda Kozloff Turner

Purchase the book here

We are thrilled to welcome our new members this month.
Adriana L. Mexico | Alexa H. Connecticut | Fatou S. United Kingdom | Maura D. Brooklyn, NY | Valerie B. New York, NY

Not a Gem X Member? We would love to have you join us on our exclusive adventures. Start your application here.


We were delighted to host a conversation on this enrapturing period of Cartier’s creative growth and within it, explore the secrets and signatures of the period’s elegant hallmarks. Joining us for this fascinating discussion is jewelry historian Olivier Bachet. An internationally recognized authority on Cartier’s Art Deco era, Olivier’s research on Maison Cartier has produced two books over the last 20 years, “Cartier: Exceptional Objects” written in collaboration with Alain Cartier and more recently, “In The Beginning Was The Line” dedicated to Cartier Art Deco designs of 1910-1930s.


In a sparkly and fabulous finale to Pride Month, we welcomed three-time Emmy Award-winning costume designer, Zaldy Goco, in a conversation with David Webb archivist and Gem X Core member Levi Higgs. Zaldy is notably the creative force and stylist behind every show-stopping ensemble that RuPaul has worn on Drag Race, a collaboration that has lasted nearly three decades. Zaldy and Levi discussed everything from fierce drag jewels, to fashion-forward styling and major editorial features including Vogue and Vanity Fair.


NYC | Thursday, July 25th

ICE COLD – A CURATOR TOUR OF A HIP-HOP JEWELRY EXHIBITION Join Core and fellow members for a tour of this incredible collection of contemporary jewels; highlights include Slick Rick’s gem-encrusted crown, the Notorious B.I.G. ’s legendary gold ‘Jesus piece’, Nicki Minaj’s sparkling ‘Barbie’ pendant and more. RSVP HERE

NYC | Wednesday, July 31st

MENDED WITH GOLD – A KINTSUGI JEWELRY EXPERIENCE Within the peaceful sanctum of Silvia’s space, George will present his jewels and their profound connection to the principles of Kintsugi, alongside a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, in which we’ll learn more about ancient wellness practices and the historical background of jewelry in Eastern cultures. RSVP HERE

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