Past Events

January: Tequilas Before Tucson

Gem X hosted a pregame for the Tucson Gem Show in New York, where members shared insider tips and insights for navigating the enormous fair.

December: A Study of Exquisite Gems & Minerals

Emeralds were the theme and stars of our trip to the Wilensky Gallery in the heart of Chelsea, NY. The Wilenskys have assembled the largest collection of emerald specimens, presented in a beautiful array of verdant gems.

December: Jewelry Movie Night

Our inaugural jewelry movie night sold out, and all the stars showed up. Marion Fasel, Founder and Editorial Director of the Adventurine, kicked off the evening with an intimate Q&A about jewelry in movies, a topic she is most fond of.

December: Cocktails with Bibi van der Velden

At a Saturday night cocktail party in a private West Village townhouse, we had the unique opportunity to welcome Bibi Van der Velden and her extraordinary collections. The mood was magical.

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