Gem X Vault FAQs

The Gem X Vault is an exclusive jewelry-share service for our inner circle and Unlimited members. It was designed by jewelry lovers, for jewelry lovers. As The New York Times wrote, think of it as “Rent the Runway meets sisterhood of the traveling jewels.” Through the Vault, you will have exclusive access to a rotating collection of jewelry picks, curated specially for you every month by Gem X. If something catches your eye, simply reserve it, try it out, and, if you love it, keep the jewel as part of your collection. We are also happy to facilitate jewel shares, where you can offer to “go splitsy” with another member on a dream jewel.

The Gem X Vault is for the most ardent of jewelry lovers. It is available to the Gem X inner circle, including Gem X Core and Unlimited members. As the concept of sharing jewelry involves a great deal of trust, we carefully vet all members that we allow into the Vault.

You can join the Vault by applying to become a Gem X Unlimited member using this link.

Through the Vault, you have the ability to try on rare, collectible and beautiful jewelry pieces before deciding whether or not to keep them. We want you to personally connect with a piece, as we know that the most precious jewels come with a story, which grows with each wearer. If you are interested in a Vault piece, simply request your desired dates to reserve and try it for 5-7 days. At the end of the period, you can decide to return it, or keep it in your collection.

If you like the piece and wish to keep it, we simply deduct the amount you paid for the “try” period and you pay for the remainder.

With jewel shares, you can offer to “go splitsy” with another member on a dream jewel. This means you get it for part of the year, and the other person gets it for the remainder. We are happy to put you in touch with other Vault members if you are interested in sharing a jewel, where you and your sharer can decide what months you’d like it for every year. This method means you get to try out more jewels, for the same amount, and you get to bond with other jewelry lovers over a shared piece!

Gem X Vault pieces are curated to meet the following criteria:

  • ICONIC…The piece is both time-specific and timeless. It epitomizes the maker or era that it represents.
  • INVESTMENT WORTHY…We deem it to be an attractive store of value, based on market research from relevant auction & sales prices.
  • WEARABLE…It is easy and attractive for all to wear and enjoy.
  • EXPERIENTIAL…The jewel is steeped in stories that unfold through experiences. For pieces acquired through the Vault, we will curate intimate experiences around the jewel to help reveal its importance to its co-owners.

Consistent with the mission of Gem X, we intend for Vault pieces to be immersed in in-depth, intimate experiences that are exclusive to the Vault. These may include meeting the maker, a workshop or visit to the studio, receptions, panels, to name a few. These experiences give you a chance to know your jewel inside and out.

If you have a dream jewel, we welcome your suggestion for the Vault. We take careful consideration in curating our collection to make sure all pieces meet the criteria mentioned above.

Of course! We love Gem X referrals, and take you recommendations with serious consideration when we interview new members. You can refer a friend to Gem X using this link.

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