Core Collection - FAQs

The Gem X Core Collection is a shared library of jewelry that travel in our inner circle, to Core & Unlimited members. Each jewel is curated and custom made for Gem X by designers we admire.  As The New York Times wrote, think of it as a “sisterhood of the traveling jewels.”  Each jewel comes with a diary that tells its origins and chronicle its adventures all around the world. 

Currently, the Gem X Core Collection is open only to the Gem X inner circle, including Gem X Core and Unlimited members. As the concept of sharing jewelry evolves, we would consider expanding the sharing circle to include more members.

Through the Core Collection website, you  simply select the jewel you are interested in and click “Request Jewel.”  Your name will be added to the list of those waiting for the jewel, and we will confirm the delivery address with you when it’s your turn.

Each jewel comes in a protective Gem X bag, with the maker’s box inside.  We wish for you to experience unboxing the jewel as the designer intended it.  As well, each Core jewel comes with a diary, which we encourage you to fill out before the jewel moves on.

Once you receive the jewel, you will have a month to spend with the jewel.  We encourage you to bond with the jewel, share photos of it, and of course, continue its story in the accompanying diary.  Once your time is done, you will send the jewel to its next caretaker.

Gem X Core Collection pieces meet the following criteria:

  • ICONIC…The piece is a bold and unique representation of its maker or time period.
  • VERSATILE…It is easy and attractive for all to wear and enjoy.
  • BETTER, TOGETHER…The jewel celebrates the Gem X in an aspect of its design.

We curate an assortment of jewels from different makers and periods for the Gem X Core Collection.  Currently they include: Elie Top, Art Smith, Nicholas Lieou, Claire Webb, Melanie Georgacopoulos, Castro Smith and others.  If you are a maker and are interested in collaborating on a Core Collection jewel with us, please contact us.

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