MAY 2022

Pioneering Women's History with Jill Platner and "The Doctors Blackwell"

A Studio Reception Hosted by Jill Platner, Janice P. Nimura & Marion Fasel

Beneath centuries-old beams, a lofty skylight and giant spinning sculptures, jeweler @JillPlatner welcomed us into her creative sanctuary. The hidden gem brimmed with the spirit of strong women before her. As we walked around her studio, author @JaniceNimura told us the story about the Doctors Blackwell, female doctors who ran the first hospital for women. Where there’s jewelry tools now, there were once medical tools, used to help and save lives. Did we mention that Janice’s book was JUST nominated for a Pulitzer Thank you to our guide @MarionFasel for bringing this event to us and leading us through the mystical intersection of history, medicine and of course, beautiful jewelry made by Jill.

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