“Out of the Jewellery Box” with Valery Demure

A Conversation With the Influential Curator of Objet d’Emotion

“Jewels are not just about carats and gold. To me a jewel is an objet d’emotion… I like to feel the person behind the jewellery.” We hung onto these thoughts shared by Valery Demure, who invited us inside her Marylebone boutique last evening in London. Among all the emotions we felt, love ruled. We swooned over Valery’s comparison of meeting new pieces of jewelry and falling in love….with some jewels, it is love at first sight while others are growers that take a bit more time. Both emotions are equally powerful. We know we felt all sorts of love while viewing Valery’s collection, including work by talented designers such as Elhanati, Francesca Villa and Jo Hayes Ward. Thank you Valery for sharing your wisdom, passion, and jewelry love stories.

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