Night at the AMNH

Hosted by the Museum’s Junior Council

If gems could talk, what would they say? We heard a few of their stories, and some secrets, at the Mignone Hall of Gems and Minerals @amnh last night. In an exclusive tour hosted by with the Junior Council, we visited minerals millions (and some billions) of years old, that came to life under our searching flashlights. Our beams of light danced around the hall (stopping for an extended viewing on the Ovakango Blue diamond), to see what tales lay within. Did you hear about the one involving a theft of over 24 gems from the museum in 1964, including the star of India, by infamous robber Jack Murphy? The star of India has since returned to the museum but many of the diamonds were recut and resold, never to be recovered again… thank you for such riveting stories and a most memorable night at the museum!

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