JUNE 2021

Loren Nicole's Studio Visit

Hosted by Julie Chang

You may think it cheesy of me to say that the “inner sanctum” described in the invitation was entirely true when we stepped through the threshold into Loren Nicole’s studio this past Sunday. Imagine this: turning down a hallway bend to see gold glowing on vibrant blue displays and surrounded by decor, books, and tools all thoughtfully chosen and arranged. Taking it all in, my excitement bordered on reverence, and we hadn’t even gotten to the jewels yet. The next hour was divine – particularly intensified by this being our first jewelry event in too long as affirmed by member Deann Frank visiting from SF. We explored the details of chasing & repoussé, listened to the music of different hammers, and journeyed through The Viking Trove collection (and more!) through Loren’s inspiring stories, passion, and perspective.

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