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2021 Grant and Scholarship Application

Mission and Overview

We know that the world of jewelry can be difficult to access and navigate. New opportunities
and educational pursuits can also be expensive and out of reach for many. The Gem X
Scholarship & Grant initiative aims to help overcome these barriers so that more jewelry
enthusiasts pursue their dreams. It is intended for those with a true need and enthusiasm for our
common passion. Our hope is that through these resources and mentorship we can help make
the world of jewelry a more inclusive, open place.


Scholarship and Grant

Every person has different dreams and aspirations. For this reason, each awardee will be
offered a bespoke package, tailored to their needs. All awards will include complimentary
membership to the club. Additionally, awards will include an offering of up to $5,000 in financial
assistance toward jewelry education or a jewelry-related project. This could include costs like
that of a jewelry apprenticeship, supplies for a portfolio or fees for a course at the Gemological
Institute of America (GIA), for example. The application will ask for a specific description of your
goals and financial needs. For those who find the price tag of our annual membership out of
reach, the scholarship could also cover the cost of this membership to Gem X.



The grant is intended for individuals with a passion for jewelry and a genuine need for
assistance in pursuing their dreams, regardless of age or background.


1. Fill out and submit the below application by October 31, 2021.

2. Keep an eye on your email. During the month of October, we will reach out to arrange a
phone interview if your application is being considered for the award.

3. During the month of November, we will contact all scholarship and grant awardees.



Email us at [email protected]

Thank you for your interest and passion for jewelry!

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